FrozenPlain - Sample Library Developer

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Ancient Chordophone, plucked strings library.

Phoenix, strings and choir sample library.

Simple Kontakt UI scripting, KSP tutorial.

Victorian Music Box, FREE Kontakt library!

Behind MoarEffects, a kontakt script article.

MoarEffects for Kontakt released!

Terracotta, an earthy sound library released!

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FrozenPlain is a developer of unique virtual instruments and other sound assets. Our sample libraries are somewhat off the beaten track; we focus on taking inspiring sounds and using them in unique ways, with experimental scripting and a flexible UI.


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NEW! Ancient Chordophone - Plucked strings for Kontakt
  • 3 round robin.
  • Attack/ Release and Low/High EQ controls.
  • Random slider that randomises note start time.
  • Arpeggiator with 6 presets.
  • Stereo recordings at 96kHz/24bit.
  • 21 sound design impulses.
  • 4 effects; distortion, rotator, reverb and tempo synced delay with presets.
  • 20 presets.



Ancient Chordophone page.

Phoenix - Strings and choir Kontakt library

  • Smooth and rich synthesiser samples.
  • 6 layers or ‘oscillators’ which can be mixed, tuned and panned.
  • ADSR and velocity  controls for volume and low pass filter.
  • 2 custom LFOs; draw your own waveforms and see the modulation happen.
  • Phoenix can create everything from realistic string ensembles to sci-fi beeps and pads.
  • 6 effects; chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, reverb with 21 impulses and tempo synced delay.
  • 17 presets



Phoenix page.

Victorian Music Box - FREE Kontakt instrument

  • Antique music box.
  • Stereo  44.1kHz/ 24bit recordings.
  • 4 round robin.
  • 21 convolution impulses.
  • Effects page; tempo synced delay, rotator, distortion and reverb with presets.
  • Extra sounds; winding up and noise from the cogs.



Victorian Music Box page.

MoarEffects - Effects page for any Kontakt patch


  • Delay with 8 presets.
  • Sync delay to whole, dotted or triplet note lengths.
  • Rotator effect.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Reverb effect with 8 presets.
  • All contained in one tiny file.
  • Apply to any Kontakt instrument.
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5, only works for 20 minutes otherwise.



MoarEffects page.


Terracotta - Tuned Pots Sample Library


Terracotta is made up of 25 different flowerpots. It's presented in an intuitive UI, with options to mix in other layers and sounds.


  • 4 round robin/ 4 velocity layers.
  • Recorded at 96khz/ 24bit.
  • 25 sampled terracotta flowerpots.
  • Custom made convolution impulses for sound design and acoustics.
  • Effects page including: tempo synced delay with 8 presets, rotator, distortion, reverb also with 8 presets. 



Terracotta page.