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FrozenPlain is a developer of original virtual instruments and other sound assets. The sample libraries here are somewhat off the beaten track and focus on taking inspiring sounds and using them in unique ways, with experimental scripting and flexible UI. 


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Latest - Dual Music Box

Dual Music box is a comprehensive music box library.  It consists of 3 layers that can be mixed together to make a wide variety of music box timbres. The 1st layer is the Victorian Music Box, the 2nd is a tiny, bright music box and the 3rd varies between patches, for example glockenspiel/ synth strings/ string pluck. If you enjoyed the free Victorian Music box, but want more options for realism and sound design, then Dual Music box is perfect for you.

Phoenix - powerful tool for creating strings and choir pads

Phoenix is the ultimate tool for creating rich sustains with movement and emotion. This Kontakt 5 instrument can make anything from real string ensembles to sci-fi pads. Here are some of the key features:


  • Innovative LFO engine that can modulate up to 4 parameters at once
  • See the modulation happen on the controls
  • 6 effects including chorus, delay and convolution reverb
  • 6 layer mixer with tune, pan and volume controls


The strings in the intro of this track are straight from Phoenix:


Free Music Box for Kontakt 5

Victorian Music Box is a multisampled antique music box. The sound is dark and mysterious, perfect for a more ‘cinematic’ style. The instrument is very tweakable with attack/ release and low/ high EQ controls. Included is a convolution reverb effect with a load of unusual impulses. You also get the wind up sounds and the mechanical ‘whir’ in wav format, and also as part of the patch.


This product is free. To hear audio demos, and the get the download link, visit the Victorian Music Box page.