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Ancient Chordophone, plucked strings library.

Phoenix, strings and choir sample library.

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Victorian Music Box, FREE Kontakt library!

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MoarEffects for Kontakt released!

Terracotta, an earthy sound library released!

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Terracotta - Flowerpot Kontakt Library

  • 25 multi-sampled terracotta flowerpots
  • 8 different variation presets
  • Recorded at 96khz/ 24bit
  • 4 round robin/ velocity layers
  • Custom convolutions
  • Effects page; tempo synced delay, rotator, distortion and reverb. With presets!
  • 7 layers of sound to mix in and for unique sound design
  • Built in arpeggiator
  • Great sound design tool (pads/ ambiences)

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Terracotta PDF Manual
Adobe Acrobat Document [733.6 KB]
Terracotta Demo MIDI file
A short piece written for the video demo.
mid File [3.2 KB]

A few months ago I toyed with the idea of using terracotta flower pots as an instrument, the bell-like tone was totally unique and I felt it could be a useful instrument. Terracotta consists of 25 multi-sampled pots each one unique in size, shape and age. Some are old handmade Victorian pots and others are smooth and newer. However, the terracotta tone is consistent throughout; only the subtleties of each vary. Each flowerpot was hit with a soft wooden edge multiple times and at different velocities. These stereo recordings are then handpicked and arranged so that for each terracotta pot there are 4 velocity layers with 4 round robins per layer. A lot of attention was paid to capturing the beauty of each sound.



The library works great as a rhythmic tool, it comes with a built in arpeggiator, allowing you to program in the velocities and the order which the notes are played. Terracotta also plays as a versatile conventional instrument.


Recent updates:  


Terracotta 1.1 – initialisation bug fix, and new arpeggiator preset buttons. There are now 6 rhythm presets. Click on LOAD to load the saved rhythm, or click SA (short for SAVE) to save the current rhythm to that preset.

Product Details

Terracotta comes with 8 ready-made variations; each one of these is instantly playable offering a variety of options for setting the sound in the mix. The variation called Sustained, for example, uses reverse flowerpot samples mixed with an organic sounding pad to create a sound backdrop. Weighted is a preset that uses samples from a larger terracotta bowl to add warmth and more low end to the pots. These are just two examples of sounds that the brilliant Terracotta library has to offer. Here is the full list of layers in Terracotta:



  • Terracotta – the main flowerpot samples.
  • Resonation – samples from a large terracotta bowl with a lower pitch.
  • Celesta – flowerpot patch altered with a transient shaper to make a softer bell-like sound.
  • Steel String – a simple steel string pluck.
  • Pad – an organic sounding pad made from granular fiddling.
  • Music Box – a simple music box.
  • Reverse – these are reverse terracotta samples.


If you have the ‘Info’ button at the top of Kontakt selected, then when you mouse over these controls a brief description will be shown at the bottom.

The custom convolutions are made from a variety of sources; some are synthesised and some are real recordings. It is always surprising which sounds work great as impulses, Shivering Cold for example is a hideous synthesised noise, but when put though a convolution reverb it turns into a beautiful ambient backdrop. You can use these impulses in your other productions; all 21 of them can be found as .wav files in the Resources folder.

Technical Details

  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5 to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • Ancient Chordophone has been tested and works on Kontakt version 5.1 and above.
  • 399 samples (lossless ncw format)
  • 680 MB installed
  • 24bit / 96khz stereo
  • 486 MB download
Instrument Page - click to enlarge
Instrument Page - click to enlarge
Arp Page - click to enlarge
Arp Page - click to enlarge
Effects Page - click to enlarge
Effects Page - click to enlarge

Demo Video showing each of the 8 presets