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Ancient Chordophone, plucked strings library.

Phoenix, strings and choir sample library.

Simple Kontakt UI scripting, KSP tutorial.

Victorian Music Box, FREE Kontakt library!

Behind MoarEffects, a kontakt script article.

MoarEffects for Kontakt released!

Terracotta, an earthy sound library released!

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Phoenix - Strings and Choir Kontakt 5 Library

  • Smooth and rich synthesiser samples.
  • 6 layers or ‘oscillators’ which can be mixed, tuned and panned.
  • ADSR and velocity  controls for volume and low pass filter.
  • 2 custom LFOs; draw your own waveforms and see the modulation happen.
  • Phoenix can create everything from realistic string ensembles to sci-fi beeps and pads.
  • 6 effects; chorus, phaser, flanger, distortion, reverb with 21 impulses and tempo synced delay.
  • 17 presets.

Primarily, Phoenix has the following to offer:


  • Realistic string ensembles
  • Synth choirs and pads
  • Unique sound design


Be sure to check out the audio demos to hear how it sounds. 

Phoenix Manual
Information and descriptions of all the controls.
Adobe Acrobat Document [602.9 KB]

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Phoenix is a strings and choir Kontakt library which offers more than just samples. Phoenix handles almost like a synth; it has envelopes, velocity controls, 2 customisable LFOs and 6 effects. The sounds themselves originate from synthesisers and from granulated samples and have a characteristic smooth and organic sound. The 6 layers can be mixed, tuned, panned and even modulated with custom waveforms from LFOs. Phoenix is good for big sustains, for example: pads, string ensembles, ambient choies, spacy pads and it will work well for any genre.


Recent updates: 


Phoenix 1.1 – you can now purge unused layers from RAM by clicking the lights that are above each slider. This means that Phoenix can be much lighter on your system.

Main Page - click to enlarge
Main Page - click to enlarge
Effects Page - click to enlarge
Effects Page - click to enlarge

Product Details

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Phoenix uses an innovative LFO engine that allows easy modulation of various parameters. There are 6 waveforms that you can load to and save, but you can also draw your own shapes – as shown left.

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See exactly how the LFO is modulating the controls (left). You can even assign both LFOs to modulate the same parameter to create a new shape (as the slider on the far left is).

Phoenix features a randomise button, it's great fun to play with and is perfect for discovering new sounds.

1 of the 6 effects that comes with Phoenix is the reverb unit. This has 25 custom made impulses that can mainly be used for interesting sound design. There is also a stretch control to change the length of the impulse.

Technical Details

  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5 to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • Phoenix has been tested and works on Kontakt version 5.1 and above.
  • 160 samples (lossless ncw format)
  • 644 MB installed
  • 555 MB download