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Dual Music Box

2 sampled music boxes and morphed patches

Dual Music box is a library of 2 music boxes and other sounds. These 3 layers can be mixed together to make a wide variety of music box timbres. The 1st layer is the Victorian Music Box, the 2nd is a tiny, bright music box and the 3rd varies between patches, for example glockenspiel/ synth strings/ string pluck. If you enjoyed the free Victorian Music box, but want more options for realism and sound design, then Dual Music box is perfect for you.


play_arrow Dual Music Box Demo

Key features

  • 24 presets.
  • 2 sampled music boxes.
  • 7 alternate sounds to layer (glockenspiel, plucked string, sustained. etc.).
  • Stereo recordings 44.1kHz/ 24bit.
  • 4 round robin music boxes.
  • 21 impulse responses.
  • 4 effects: distortion, rotator, reverb and tempo synced delay with presets.
  • Randomise start time of notes for realism.
  • Attack/ release and low/ high EQ controls.
Dual Music Box UI manual
Description of the all the controls available.
Adobe Acrobat Document 419.9 KB

Product Details

Dual music box is a continuation of Victorian Music box. These devices sound great, and after I sampled different one, I began to layer the 2 together which resulted in a great, realistic sounding instrument. So I went ahead and made this a full little library.


The sound of layer 2 is bright and plucky, when this is mixed with layer 1, you get a very pleasant, balanced sound. The tiny music box sampled was only a few centimetres across, and was rather quiet. You can sometimes hear the clicks and whirs of the cogs because of this. I feel this all adds to the realism of the instrument.


The product also comes with 24 presets, these utilise a variety of other sounds, for example: reversed samples, glockenspiels, plucked strings, etc. Mixing in these sounds make some great timbres. You can control the filter cutoff of these sounds with the mod wheel.


The demos are 100% DMB, you can get an idea of the timbre and variety of sounds that you can make.


As you’d expect, included are 21 impulses responses, and an effects pages, which has been broken into 2 sections for this product.

Dual Music Box vs Victorian Music Box

Here are the features you get with Dual Music Box, but not with the free Victorian Music Box:

  • New 4 round robin multisampled music box (layer 2).
  • 7 extra sounds to mix (glockenspiel, reversed, plucked string, etc.).
  • New music box and layers offer more options for realism and sound design.
  • 3 layer mixer with up/down octaves.
  • 24 presets.
  • Alternate layout of the effects page.
  • Open wav format for all the samples.


Click to enlarge
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Reverb and Delay
Reverb and Delay
Rotator and Distortion
Rotator and Distortion

Technical Details

  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5 to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • Dual Music Box has been tested and works on Kontakt version 5.1 and above.
  • Because this product is not for Kontakt Player, it cannot be added with the ‘add library’ function, you must instead load the .nki files through the file browser, or by dragging and dropping.
  • Wav format samples
  • 180 MB installed
  • 142 MB download
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